Sunday, May 12, 2013

Online Model Scouting

Model agencies are expanding their searching for new faces for modeling through online network where they are taking the full advantages from online social networks such as Twitter. Both the models to be and the online model agencies are getting the advantages by using Twitter to promote the model and to search for model. Hila Noorzai is one of the models who are currently transforming the social network as her online portfolio where she and the rest of the models are posting and sharing their photos often in a hope that the verified online modeling agencies are noticing their tweets and hire them.

The online modeling agencies are using Twitter as their preliminary assessment whenever they are looking for fresh faces for representing their clients’ projects. The term preliminary is emphasizing the fact that the models still need to come to the modeling agencies’ office for clarification because the online photos that the girls are sharing could have been edited by using photoshop program or other photo application programs. Not only the models and online modeling agencies which using the Twitter, but also fashion designers and fashion houses where they randomly look for new girls who eligible to sign endorsement contract to represent the new fashion line or fashion trends.

There are many fashion houses and each of them is carrying different fashion style, philosophy, and of course, representing certain social status as well. Models on Twitter is usually what the fashion houses are referring to the girls whom they discovered or scouted from Twitter and from the several potential girls, only few of them who are offered modeling contract because they have very unique facial structure. Unique facial structure is what online modeling agencies and fashion houses are looking for because models that have unique facial structure could represent different image and style during catwalk and photo shoot sessions.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Choosing Men's Business Fashion

Choosing men's business fashion certainly cannot be equated with choosing Shirts Men's Clothing for casual activities. You have to take into consideration when buying men's work clothes. You can choose the materials, models and sizes so that really suit you wear work clothes that feel comfortable and do not disturb your activity while performing the task.

For young executives, semi safari suit with four buttons at once fashionable look so dashing with Games sewing the shoulder slightly softens the overall appearance. If black business suits too formal suits, extinguish a brightly colored scarf to make it look lighter. But now it is not difficult to search the appropriate office work uniform because we can order directly on convection as upunique companies that have experience in the fashion world that is no doubt the quality, variety of products they offer include 3 piece grey suit, shirts, jackets , jeans, t-shirts team, couple shirts, office shirts, uniforms, office etc.. And they also accept orders on-demand course with sloping price.

With the development of fashion trend nowadays, anyone can look cool and fashionable. You can also search for Newest Model Men Shirts to wear at work as you want. So there is no reason for men now want to not look charming and cool at work. One you can try is to use pastel shades for Work Clothing the work of men. With pastel shades to wear this, you can look fresher and also radiates calm color scheme. This shirt dress colors to choose from if you are bored with the design work clothes are dark colored. Sometimes shady dark colors tend to make the wearer's shirt looks dignified, but with bright colors will look cheerful. Choose men's shirts with simple motifs such as stripes or plaid check shirt are irregular and not too complicated.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bianca Jagger


she's the real WAG of Rockstars :)

told ya.

gosh i adores her


Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Start A Lucrative Male Model Career

Modeling is an industry that has been dominantly full of women for many decades. However since the 1980s many male models have become popular and have had successful male modeling careers. They go on runways to showcase male designer fashion clothes and hair products, which means that they play an essential role in the modeling industry. They may be less than the female models but, that does not simply mean that they earn less money. They do not have to look feminine because different shows enable them to show case their talents without compromising on their masculinity.

To begin a lucrative male modeling career, you need to have determination and discipline. You have to meet some qualifications like having a minimum height of 5'6" tall and weigh about 175 pounds. The minimum age needed is between 18 and 35 years. However, those with established careers may end up working further for up to 40 years and older. You can start a modeling career by keeping your body fit physically through regular exercise. This does not mean that you have to be very muscular like body builders rather; you should have a healthy, toned body. You should also try to be flexible because most of the times you may get jobs in other areas or in foreign countries as well. This will mean that you must have your passport ready all the time because you may never know when you will be needed for an exotic job.

You should keep in mind that having a portfolio is equally important. The portfolio should contain of your best photos which show your natural look. The photos should be head and profile shots, full body and a few fashion shoots. At the back of the portfolio you should have your body measurements, your weight measurement, as well as shoe size measurements. When you have gathered all this, you may look for reputable agents in your locality.

If you live in a small town do not expect to start the modeling career by restricting your search to your local area. This is because many model agencies are located in big cities or towns. You may search on the popular internet sites for agencies as well. If you select a few, contact them on the phone and book an appointment with them. You may better still look for personal recommendation from other models who have worked with them. You should consider working with an agent because an agent will guarantee that you get jobs since they are well-connected. This will enable you to get a lot of well-paying contracts and shows. Lastly, you have to be confident and set clear goals for you to become successful.

How to Start Your Male Modeling Career

There are many female models in the industry at the moment and you can easily name a dozen of them in a minute. This is owing to the fact that such models have been used in most advertisements. You are sure to find them on TV, magazines, music videos or even billboards. Male models on the other hand face a major challenge because the industry has been receptive to their female counterparts for a very long time and are reluctant in accepting the revolution taking place. It is, however, quite possible to enjoy a fruitful careers as a model because they are still needed as much as the industry may want to do away with them. It is important to note that in order to succeed, devotion and hard work are mandatory for all.

There are some standard requirements that are usually set by the industry and it is vital that you meet them. Generally, most male models must have a height that ranges from 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 2 inches. In addition to this, you have to maintain a weight that is less than 175 pounds as well. The appropriate age that a male can start modeling is usually in the range of 18 years to 25 years but the career is relatively lengthy since it can last above 40 years. When compared to female models, it is clearly visible that male models enjoy longer modeling careers. Another important factor that you need to consider is fitness and health since the industry normally wants a toned body.

The big cities such as New York for instance will provide you with the much needed break. On that note, it is advisable to move to such a city and embark on your journey by making useful connections with people in the niche industry. You can also check opportunities that are in the other major cities as well via the internet so that you may have a more productive search. A portfolio will come in handy when you are dealing with the agencies and this is why you will need to have your pictures taken by a professional photographer. Persistence is important and will propel you miles ahead during your search so ensure that you always practice it.

On a conclusive note, always ensure that you have a lawyer present when it comes to signing of contracts so that your needs may be represented fully.


ASIDE from our undiminished hopes that the menswear shows will inspire the men in our lives to dress more stylishly by taking a leaf out of the Louis Vuitton or Hermès books, we can't help but love the menswear shows for the obvious reason: the boys.

Whether it's Dolce & Gabbana's buffed, mostly naked, specimens or the colourful characters on the John Galliano catwalk, these are the boys who caught our eye during the shows in Milan and Paris.


WE may not be able to covet the clothes at the bi-annual menswear shows, but there was plenty to admire on the catwalks this season thanks to the endless supply of jaw-droppingly handsome boys.

From Milan to Paris, we fell in love on a daily basis whether it was with Burberry Prorsum's dapper gentlemen, Dolce's buff specimens or Calvin Klein's sporty stars. Enjoy.

Loving Male Models

Billy Payne by Dallas J. Logan  Benjamin Isman  Alexis Papas Eliran Biton  Cristian Codrin Francisco Lachowski for Macy’s